Need to Fuel Up?

Get what you need at our local gas station and convenience store in Baker, NV

If you've been driving down U.S. Highways 50 or 6 for some time, we're sure you're looking forward to somewhere you can stop to relax and refuel. Here at Border Inn Casino in Baker, NV, we've optimized our 56+ acres of land for your convenience. In addition to our motel, RV park, casino and restaurant, we have gas and other conveniences that you may not find for more than 60 miles.

You won't regret visiting us to fill your tank, shop for tasty snacks or just stretch your legs. Are you traveling in a semitrailer, RV or tour bus? Our parking area can accommodate any oversized vehicles.

Gas, grub and gifts

Just outside our motel and RV park, you'll find a local gas station and convenience store with...

  • An oversized truck and tour bus parking area
  • Six gas station pumps (two diesel and four gas)
  • Groceries, toiletries, souvenirs and gifts
Stop by our local gas station and convenience shop today.